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Animated Shorts

"My Favorite Part"

An official selection at the Tampa Bay Motion Picture Industry Professional’s Indie Film Festival!  This was the first of a few 300 word stories I wrote not too long ago that with some extra time on our hands, my girlfriend painted the stills and I did the voice of this tiny dreamer with a bold lip.

"Let 'er Rip"

Official selection at the Venice Shorts festival and Big Teeth Small Shorts festivals. A story about a grandson's unhesitating love for his grandma, and the grandma's unquenchable thirst for revenge against that piece of shit moon.

"The Taste Ballet Diner"

A man in a tub calls into a radio station to say what we're all thinking about the Bronx Zoo. This was an improvised & later animated. After hearing it the EVP of the Wildlife Conservation Society demanded a Taste Ballet tshirt.

The Upright Truth

A story about a bat who's done being a sheep.

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