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These are a collection of my most recent characters & sketches that I've written and/or performed. There are plenty more on youtube, but I'll be updating this in an effort to highlight my newest videos.


I bought the restaurant and I wanna show the staff we're a team 

Wary Witch 

Wizards have been having such issues approaching women alone in the dark 

Spanish 101

God it feels good to learn (that love is a lie)

Hot Chocolate

Is he dead? Sure. But he's being nice about the house and Martha likes him.


A group of birds get jealous of their friend's new found joie de vivre, but it's okay he wants to share it.

Chia Loves Naomi


A ChiaPet's undying love from UCB Maude Night

Shark Tank

Brian joins the sharks and makes some offers they are legally obligated to refuse

The Rat King


 The Rat King from The Nutcracker pitches Bing Crosby Apple TV's 'SEE' with Jason Momoa.

Clone House

An Incredible prize for an impossible task. If you can somehow manage to not sleep with your clone, you will receive $90,000,000,000 in human money.

Historically accurate Andrew Johnson 

 My heavily researched historical reenactment from the ‘Every President Ever’ 2020 fundraiser for @nycommonpantry

Spot on Martin Van Buren

From the 2019 'Every President Ever' show to benefit the American Brain Tumor association at Caveat NYC. 44 comedians are assigned a president (excluding Trump) and do a one minute character piece for this charity show. 

Assisted Living

A daughter visits her father in an assisted living facility only to find he's doing better than ever from UCB Maude Night


A celebrity chef with a new restaurant concept to combat the global food shortage. It's a terrible idea.

A Distracted Australian 

I'm not distracted by a magician at a children's birthday party, I wanna hear about your divorce. 

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